How to access recordings directory?

Voice Recorder users only: Recordings located in "Recently deleted" category are hidden and do not appear in the recordings folder.

Android 11+ devices

Due to the latest Android storage access updates, recordings are now stored in app-specific directory on internal storage:

  • Voice Recorder: /Android/data/com.first75.voicerecorder2/files/Recordings
  • Voice Recorder Pro: /Android/data/com.first75.voicerecorder2pro/files/Recordings
  • Audio Recorder: /Android/data/com.smartmobitools.voicerecorder/files/Recordings

The recordings directory now appears in Settings -> Files Options -> Directory

Android 10 and older

All Recordings are stored in Voice Recorder folder on internal storage.

Internal Storage can be selected from "Browse" tab in Files by Google app. You can check that folder using any file manager app.