I lost important recording! How can i get it back?

Restoring deleted recordings

My recording file is damaged / Cannot open the recording

Repairing corrupted Recording file

How Can I move recordings to my computer

Transfer recordings to PC

Recording quality is poor

Try a different encoding settings and disable gain boost. To improve the overall audio quality, keep the microphone away from noisy surroundings.\nPlease note that audio quality issues can also be caused by a problem with the device hardware.

Call Recording?

Call recording has been completely blocked on Android 9+ and is no longer supported by our app. However, on some devices it is possible to record from the earpiece and loudspeaker.

How long can i record for?

There are no restrictions, you can record for an unlimited amount of time as long as you have free space available on your device. However we recommend that you stop and save the recordings at regular intervals and then continue recording just to be safe.

What are the bookmarks and how to add them?

You can place bookmark every 5 seconds from the recording screen by pressing "Pin" icon. Bookmarks are used to highlight important fragments. After taping on pins from the player screen playback will be moved to specific fragment.

How to share recording?

Just long press on it from recordings list screen and tap "Share" from the bottom menu.

How do i cut recording?

Please note that audio editing feature is not available for mp3 audio format.

  • Tap on the recording to open player screen, and click from the top left corner "trim" icon.
  • Delete mode will delete marked fragment
  • Trim mode will delete unmarked fragments from the beginning and end

All changes are applied to a recovery file with "-1" suffix.

How to rename recording?

Just long press on it from recordings list screen and tap Rename from the bottom menu.

How do i move to other category recording?

Open recordings list screen, select specific recordings by pressing circles on the left, then open the 3-dots menu from the action mode bar and tap "Move Recordings".

How to delete or edit category?

Open your category on recordings list screen, then tap "3-dots menu" and click "Rename Category" or "Delete Category"