I lost important recording! How can i get it back?

Unfortunately We do not store remote copies of your recordings, so we are unable to restore a deleted recording, but there are several ways to recover them.

Check the recording folder

Voice Recorder users only: If the recordings were deleted using Voice Recorder app, they will be still located in "Recently deleted" category for about 30 days. Just open that category (from the left menu) and tap "Restore".

All Recordings are stored in Voice Recorder folder on internal storage. Please check that folder using any file manager app.

(Internal Storage can be selected from "Browse" tab in Files by Google app

No recordings in that folder means that they have been deleted. If the recording appears in the list in the voice recorder app, it was most likely deleted by a third-party app.

Recover Deleted recordings

If recordings have been deleted from the recordings folder, you can use special computer software to try recover it, like in guidelines:

The chance of recovering a file is greater the less time has passed since the file was deleted.